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Lean Startup

Lean Startup Programmes - The Creative Experience

Learn Startup Programmes

A resource-conscious process to steer your company’s innovations in the right direction.

Is your organisation is brimming with creativity and producing great ideas left, right and centre. But how do you turn them into profitable ventures…? With The Creative Experience Lean Startup programmes, we walk this journey of discovery with you step by step. Using a system developed especially for your organisation, get to know the commercial viability of your new product or service before you invest further in manpower or R&D.

The Lean Startup programme is a fantastic way to test your ideas – whether you are a small business owner or a multinational company. Let us take the risks out of your creative pursuits so that you can focus on all things innovation.

Training Objectives

  • Identify market opportunities
  • Try out new products
  • Make informed choices and educated decisions
Benefits of the Lean Startup Approach - The Creative Experience

Top 5 benefits of the Lean Startup approach

1. Making decisions based on evidence and data, rather than executives’ instincts.
2. A faster cycle time for developing ideas.
3. Better-quality feedback from customers and stakeholders, often because you’re asking them to actually buy something, rather than just spout opinions in a focus group.
4. “Getting out of the building” to speak to and observe real customers and stakeholders.
5. More flexibility about making changes to ideas as they progress from concept to “minimum viable product” to finished product.

(Source: Harvard Business Review)

Click here to request additional information on how the Lean Startup Methodology can be customised to your specific corporate training needs.

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Our clientele includes multi-national companies such as KPMG, HP, StarHub as well as SAFRA, Singapore Power, Manulife, Jones Lang Lasalle and the Singapore Management University and many others.

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