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Innovation Consulting


As a key decision maker, you are entrusted with a complex set of responsibilities governing the performance of your people. Unfortunately, KPIs, SOPs, CSFs etc can be a wet blanket to your organisation’s creative flame.

The TCE series of Corporate Innovation workshops and programmes can steer you into the creative direction that your organisation has been lost without. Besides offering customised training programmes in the areas of creativity and innovation, we also offer a number of consulting services where together with our clients, we work at unlocking their true potential, while optimising their performance and helping them to achieve their goals.

Over the past 5 years, from encouraging corporate innovation in Singapore, we have grown into a full fledged Innovation and Transformation Partner now offering multi-national clients a whole range of long-term Change and Innovation Solutions comprising of corporate training workshops, executive and group coaching, leadership training, innovation feasibility as well as the design and delivery of corporate innovation models and accelerators (venture labs).

Our focus remains on the development of people.

The following programmes are available to be tailored to your unique goals:

Click on the individual titles to find out more about what each programme entails. You can also request for a customised proposal for your specific corporate training needs.

You can choose to do a specific programme, or go for a selection of complementary ones for an even deeper dive into your organisation’s future of innovation.

Corporate Hackathon | The Creative Experience

Corporate Hackathon

One of the best ways organisations can inspire their teams is by arranging an internal corporate hackathon. It is an opportunity to harness the collaborative intelligence of all its employees, drawn from their day-to-day experiences and knowledge. We help businesses organise hackathons for innovation.

Hackathons can be used to bring the expertise and skills of employees together and create an environment where great ideas can be identified. This challenging and intensive way of ideation, leverages on untapped creativity of employees, to discover new ideas or improvements for products, services, customer experiences, and even ways to solve specific business problems.

Hackathons can facilitate the creation of a continuous innovation culture within an organisation, if done regularly. We can make this experience interactive, social and focused, to uncover new opportunities for growth.

Corporate Innovation Accelerator | The Creative Experience

Corporate Innovation Accelerator

Corporate accelerators explore new market opportunities and create seed businesses that can grow independently or become future revenue streams for the corporate sponsor. In our corporate innovation accelerator program, we will bring together startups and large firms to foster innovation.

This will allow large organisations to stay competitive, by being able to pivot and avoid being disrupted. Engaging with startups can ignite innovation in corporations that are struggling to maintain relevance. They will quickly gain insight into emerging trends to maximise opportunities and will be able to grow new businesses.

All employees will also be exposed to the startup mindset that embraces risk, speed and experimentation and will encourage them to adopt new ways of thinking and shift towards a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship.

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Our clientele includes multi-national companies such as KPMG, HP, StarHub as well as SAFRA, Singapore Power, Manulife, Jones Lang Lasalle and the Singapore Management University and many others.

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