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Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving | The Creative Experience

Leveraging Creativity for Problem Solving

This highly interactive program serves as a platform to provide participants with tools to unlock their creative potential. Participants learn a wide range of practical techniques to understand problems, generate — as well as develop — new ideas and solutions, evaluate these solutions and then communicate those ideas effectively.

The highly collaborative and hands on style of this workshop allows participants to maximize skills transfer and application of the techniques after the course. The program is ideal for teams that work together, but it is equally valuable for creative thinking ‘champions’ or leaders and managers who want to build creativity levels in their own teams and organizations.

The program is designed to provide practical techniques for leveraging creative thinking and problem solving for immediate impact and real results.

Innovation Program | The Creative Experience

Training Objectives

  • Enhanced understanding of problems and a structured approach to generating better solutions
  • Increased creative idea generation
  • Understanding of how to compare and evaluate ideas with the objective of proceeding to the implementation phase
  • A clear framework for communicating or ‘selling’ ideas to other stakeholders

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Our clientele includes multi-national companies such as KPMG, HP, StarHub as well as SAFRA, Singapore Power, Manulife, Jones Lang Lasalle and the Singapore Management University and many others.

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