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Crafting Compelling Stories to Communicate Core Messages
Storytelling is the key to convincing clients to buy your products or services. It’s the key to convincing your management or your team to support an idea. Despite knowing its importance, most leaders struggle with how to communicate in a persuasive way and end up with boring power point slides and facts.  So how do you inspire and connect your team and other stakeholders?  The simple answer is storytelling…more importantly, telling a compelling story.

A story can motivate, inspire, change our thinking and, most importantly, rally others to action. Being a great storyteller also means being an astute listener, able to read an audience and speak directly to them, with confidence, charisma and depth of character. This workshop helps individuals develop their leadership skills through storytelling.

Participants will be given a storytelling toolkit to help with both the form and content of what makes for a great story. The program will use documentary clips, movies and short films as the foundation for how to create an emotional connection with an audience.  Considerable attention will be paid to a story’s use and place in a business context.

Training Objectives

  • Understand what story telling is and how it can be leveraged
  • Apply storytelling to business
  • Learn the tools and techniques of telling purposeful stories

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