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Creativity & Innovation
Some people think that creativity is a gift that only some are born with. This is far from the truth. We are all creative and express this creativity in many of our everyday tasks. Creativity is a skill that can be mastered by learning about new tools, having more experiences and by being persistent.  Most people who are heavily involved in creative activities such as product design, arts, music production, movie production and so on use elaborate creativity tools systematically to increase their chances of success by stumbling upon a great idea or discovery.

Our Creativity & Innovation programs focus on sharing skills and tools necessary to maximize people’s creativity. They are packed with exercises, case studies, guidelines and principles that employees can use to master the art

Besides creative idea generation, ideation and creative thinking techniques, these programs offer participants a systematic approach to maximize creativity, no matter how creative they think they are.

To use a set of creativity tools to maximize idea generation and hold effective brainstorming sessions.

A full day course with a variety of exercises designed to make attendees more familiar with this skill, participants get to see how it works in theory and then get a chance to try it out for themselves.

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Our Mission

The Creative Experience sources for the most professional, outstanding trainers in the areas of creativity and innovation to best meet the unique training needs of our clients.