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The Creative Experience’s Business & Entrepreneurship programs are catered to those with a great business or project idea who need to develop specific skills to turn those ideas into reality. Our programs offer a hands-on experience that not only equip you with the required skill set, but also provides the assistance and mentorship from industry leading professionals.

All of our Business & Entrepreneurship programs bring together like-minded people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This peer learning combined with access to learning professionals and the guidance and feedback of industry experts makes The Creative Experience the right place for anyone with an idea and the burning desire to make that idea a reality.

We offer Customized Training in the areas of change management, project management, social media, marketing and branding and storytelling in business. Contact us to learn more about our corporate training.

Boot Camp: Creative Entrepreneurship (2 week)

pictureAn Actionable Plan for your Business in Only 2 Weeks
The 2-week Creative Entrepreneurship Boot Camp is an intensive and highly effective short course designed for aspiring or existing entrepreneurs looking to set up or grow their creative business ideas or projects.

The course offers an intensive and collaborative environment with personalized and immediate feedback through guided application and mentorship with leading industry professionals such as marketing directors, investors and serial entrepreneurs. At the conclusion of the 8 topics, participants have an actionable strategy for their business and the opportunity to pitch to a panel of professionals.

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Corporate Training: The Power of Storytelling in Business

pictureCreating a Real Connection for Winning Results

The power of persuasion…it’s the key to convincing clients to buy your products or services. It’s the key to convincing your boss or your team to support an idea. Despite knowing its importance, most people struggle with how to communicate in a persuasive way and end up with boring power point slides and facts. So how do you inspire and connect? The simple answer is storytelling…more importantly, telling a compelling story!

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Boot Camp: Marketing & Brand Strategies (2week)

Create an Actionable Marketing Plan in Only 2 Weeks

The 2-week Marketing & Brand Strategies Boot Camp is an intensive, highly effective program designed to empower non-marketers to create actionable marketing plans. The program is targeted to entrepreneurs, SMEs and people who manage marketing activities within their companies, but have no or little formal experience in marketing concepts.

Unlike traditional lecture-based learning, our program offers an intensive and collaborative environment with personalized and immediate feedback through mentorship and guided application sessions. Participants work under the guidance of facilitators and industry experts to understand and apply core concepts to create their own marketing plans. At the conclusion of the program, participants present to a panel of marketing experts for feedback.

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Our Mission

The Creative Experience sources for the most professional, outstanding trainers in the areas of creativity and innovation to best meet the unique training needs of our clients.